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Relax Melodies

June 17, 2019


Sleep should be the most peaceful period in your day. However, if you struggle with insomnia it can make you frustrated, angry, and sluggish throughout the next day. When you need to turn your mind off, sometimes silence does the opposite. This is why the free ‘Relax Melodies’ app provides carefully selected sounds of serenity to help induce sleep. Featured in People, Mashable, and many other publications, Relax Melodies lets you choose from over 50 sleep inducing sounds. If you can’t manage to find sounds that soothe you, Relax Melodies also offers white noise as a steady streaming alternative.



If silence only turns up the volume of your thoughts, the Relax Melodies app can give you the bliss of peaceful sounds to quiet your mind and relax your body. These aren’t just a few lullabies. The app offers a library of ‘Relaxation Sounds’ and ‘Binaural Beats’. If you’re more inclined towards relaxing instrumentation, you can choose from many ‘Melodies’ offered through the app. Sometimes the changes in tempo from sounds, beats, or melodies can still keep you awake. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love the ‘White Noise’ feature – a stream of consistent soft sound to silence your thoughts and carry you into slumber.

“If you can’t manage to find sounds that soothe you, Relax Melodies also offers white noise as a steady streaming alternative.”

Relaxation Sounds

The list of relaxation sounds were carefully created with the goal of easing you into sleep as quickly as possible. However, everyone has different preferences in terms of what is relaxing to them. The Relax Melodies app lets you take control of your playlist. You can combine sounds and change frequencies to craft the perfect tune for your personal peace.


Binaural Beats

You can choose to embrace modern developments of sounds for sleep promotion by utilizing the ‘Binaural Beats’ feature in Relax Melodies. Binaural Beats are a new form of soundwave therapy where your right ear hears a frequency slightly different than the one that your left ear hears. Still, the different tones combine and are perceived as one. This approach has been proven to provide relaxation, dreamless sleep, and rapid eye movement (REM).



To be sure the music doesn’t disturb you after you drift off, you can use the timer system to automatically shut off after a period of time.


White Noise

For light sleepers, Relax Melodies offers ‘White Noise’ as a remedy to the double-edged sword problem of not being able to sleep in silence and waking at the change of any tempo. White noise blocks out the racing thoughts and won’t surprise you with rapid changes. The continuous frequencies are equally distributed to provide consistency to ease your delicate, restless mind. Once you know which features you like, you can save them and use them as much as you want.

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Relax Melodies

Sleep should be the most peaceful period in your day. However, if you struggle with insomnia it can make you frustrated,…

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