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How to Build a Healthy Relationship

January 3, 2020


A question that I commonly get asked by my patients is: how do I build a healthy relationship? Oftentimes, people are referring to their relationships with their partners. I think that there are four key steps to building healthy relationships. The first is trust. It's difficult to build any healthy, meaningful, sustainable relationship without a foundation of trust. The second is practicing healthy communication. This refers to how we communicate our concerns to our partners, how we listen to our partners, how we give and receive affection. And this is a critical component of being sustainable in our relationships. The third one is laughter. Oftentimes we can fall into the trap of taking ourselves really seriously or taking our partners really seriously and we forget to laugh. Laughing with your partner, having fun, enjoying those spontaneous moments is a critical part of maintaining a longterm, healthy relationship. And the last thing is making it a priority to spend time with one another. Oftentimes we get so busy, caught up in day-to-day life that we don't prioritize spending time with our partners and it's difficult to maintain a healthy relationship without dedicating time to one.

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