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Learning Mindful Meditation in 2 Minutes

June 24, 2019


A lot of times I hear people say that they can't meditate. Usually what they're saying is that they can't concentrate. Concentration is actually the aspect of the mind that holds a mind down on an object. Mindfulness is the aspect of the mind that is the vigilance - it's the watcher. It's recognizing "is the mind on the object or did it go away?" When it notices that the mind went away from the object, it grabs it and pulls it back down. Concentration and mindfulness work together. So this meditation is the combination of all of that. A meditation practice is staying on an object, leaving the object (because all of us have such a busy mind), noticing that you missed the object, and then coming back to actually holding it down. This would be the same way of shooting baskets. So let's say you go and you're going to go practice some basketball and you're just trying to make your shots. Now you just don't count the ones that go in as practice. It's all practice, right? So just like this, we actually need the mind to go away from the object - this is our resistance - and so when the mind goes away and we catch it and we bring it back, we're practicing the muscle, the mindfulness. Most of us can only stay on the object and be in full concentration for just a few seconds, and then the mind's going to wander. So you're on the object for a few seconds, the mind's going to wander, you notice that it's wandering and you bring it back. So again, meditation is not just concentration - it's all of that: staying on the object, leaving the object, recognizing you left the object, and coming back.

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