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Therapist vs. Friends and Family

January 3, 2020


A question that I get commonly asked is: what is the difference between seeing a therapist and speaking to friends and family? Friends and family are a great source of support, but oftentimes it can be important for us to seek professional help. When we use our friends and family as our only source of mental health support, oftentimes it can be difficult to be completely open and honest about the things that we're struggling with. We also can find ourselves worrying about the impact of our conversations or the extent of the support that we need on the friendship. For example, sometimes when one person is really struggling, it can put a burden on the friendship. So making it a point to see a therapist during a difficult time is a way of dedicating a set time - usually every week - towards your own mental health and really seeing somebody who is objective, has the time to listen, ask all the questions that need to be asked, and an opportunity for you to be completely open and honest about the things that you're struggling with.

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